In the spotlight

Traxyz is the smoothest, most efficient spotlight operator under the sun and stars. The lightning fast system tracks its targets with  pristine accuracy in Real-Time. Guide the audiences attention exactly where you want it to create a super sharp cinematic experience.

Artists always perform in the middle of the spotlights. They need to shine. With the latest technologies and years of research we made it possible to track, fully automated, artist and objects with the highest accuracy and standards.

No spotters needed
Endless creative opportunities
Track light, sound and video and more...
Integration with all major lighting console systems
Easy setup
Fully compatible with leading fixture manufacturers

Your agile follow-spot operator

Traxyz fullfills the role of the spotlight operator and allows tracking of multiple performers on stage in Real-Time.

How TraXYZ works

The subject wears a discreet, feather light tag which calculates distance from the anchors mounted around the performance area. These precise distance measurements are sent to the Traxyz server and fed into our 3D location engine. The calculated positions of the tag can be integrated (DMX) with any Lighting console or a Follow-Me system.


State of the art tracking tags communicate the precise distance of a subject to the anchors…and not just humans, track anything you like!


Traxyz Anchors are mounted quickly and easily around any performance area to beautifully interact with the tags. Just a single Power over Ethernet cable is required for power and offloading.


The heart of our tracking solution comes from our fail safe/hard-core server, dedicated to infinitely connecting the anchors with our 3D location engine.

Traxyz comes in two variants: Basic and Theatre


The Traxyz BASIC version allows 2D position tracking to follow 2 performers and can be extended to Traxyz Theatre. It includes 4 tags and 8 anchors.


The Traxyz THEATRE version allows 3D position tracking of a maximum of 40 performers. Performers are tracked in full 3D - even drones can be tracked. The full version includes 20 Traxyz tags and 16 anchors. The system can be extended to 40 tags and 24 anchors.

Type of tracking
1 (backup optional)
Amount of anchors
16 (24 max)
Amount of tags
20 (40 max)
Our Values

“What makes this system perfect is that you are not depending on operators anymore: you can follow up to forty artists or objects at the same time and make them an integral part of your light show”     


Easy - Anchors can be easily mounted with the specially designed anchor mounts
Simple - Just 1 cable (PoE) per anchor for power and data offloading
Fast -Traxyz setup is typically done in 30 minutes 


Standard - 19” rack mountable
Robuust - Optional fail-safe backup server available


Convenient - Tags are small and light and can be worn underneath clothing
Infinite possibilities - Besides persons, objects can also be tracked 

Charge Kit

Modular -  Fits 10 tags in standard configuration and can be expanded
Portable -  Useful charging case that can easily be transported